Brown Eyed Daddy: A Single Dad Next Door Romance

He’s dreamy.
He wants me.
He’s my roommate’s much older brother.
I have to have him.
And if that wasn’t getting tricky enough, he just moved in across the road.

Expecting the pizza delivery man at the door one night, journalist Camilla is faced with a distinguished looking older man, his brown hair swept carelessly to the side. And his eyes. Those heavy, delicious brown eyes.

When her best friend Katherine bounds into the room announcing Jayden as her much older brother…not necessarily a deal breaker. Camilla instantly feels a connection to him. More like a gravitational pull. He feels it too. She knows it. But having just moved in across the road is it all a little too close to home?

Then there were the repeated references to a woman named ‘Abigail’…He’s got a girlfriend. Snap out of it.

But is this other woman who Camilla thinks? Is this gorgeous man who is old enough to be her sugar daddy already…a dad?

Brown Eyed Daddy is a Single Dad Next Door standalone romance. No cliffhangers and a HEA guaranteed. Includes bonus content!

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