Native to East Asia the Chinese Elm is one of the most popular bonsai trees, especially among beginners. These lovely semi-evergreen trees can grow up to 65 feet tall in their native habitat, but have been cultivated in miniature form for Bonsai...

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With 225 feet of hose capacity and a swiveling base for multidirectional winding, Suncast's Swivel Hose Hideaway takes the hassle out of watering that 1/4-acre lot. The base swivels a full 360 degrees for reeling at any angle. Ground stakes are...

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Gardeneer By Dalen's Natural Enemy Scarecrow® Inflatable Snake is 6' long and helps reduce fruit tree and vegetable crop loss by up to 50%. This realistic inflatable snake is especially effective against birds and can be used on decks, in...

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Easy to install, this versatile attractive 24' garden and playground edging kit will add eye appeal to your garden and contain the mulch around a kids swing set. Manufactured from 60% recycled, post-consumer plastic and 40% wood flour, durable...

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Suncast's Hose Hideaway system is equipped with the company's innovative Smart Trak Hose Guide for smooth reeling without tangles or hang-ups. Bronze and taupe in color, this handsome hose storage box holds up to 225 feet of 5/8-inch hose. Sturdy...

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CPLHRP60D Features: -Taupe. -Made of plastic. -Weather and water resistant. Hose Included: -Yes. Hose Capacity: -50 Feet. Primary Material: -Plastic. Product Type: -Container. Hose Guide: -Yes. Winding: -Manual. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to...

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Lacey, airy, feathery - the look is ethereal, belying the tough disposition of the clustered trees in this Bald Cypress Grove. Hardy in all but the coldest environments, Bald Cypress grow quickly and are good trees for beginners that are testing...

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Excellent soil conditioner & a rich source of minerals & plant hormones. Promotes plant growth. Provides nitrogen & potash. Excellent soil conditioner and a rich source of minerals and plant hormonesPromotes plant growthProvides nitrogen and...

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Every yard is different, which is why Nelson offers the tools to keep lawns of all sizes and shapes green and healthy. Whirling sprinklers cover smaller areas with a gentle rain - perfect for spot watering and re-seeding. With its unique square...

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Perfect as a secondary axe for quick jobs, the X11 is designed for easy one-handed use when splitting small logs. Like every X-Series Hatchet or Axe, the X11 combines perfected weight distribution, advanced blade geometry, an ultra-sharp edge and...

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The natural movement of this tree's trunk and branches capture the essence of bonsai, making Green Mound the most used juniper variety. The texture of the Green Mound Juniper's foliage and the ease of trimming make this outdoor bonsai a winner for...

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The Gardenia consist of full white flowers with a texture like the finest suede, glossy dark foliage with distinctive veins, legendary scent - Gardenias have it all. These trees bloom most prolifically from March through June, with flowers that...

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Chinese Elms are deciduous trees with small leaves and fine twigging on their secondary branches. These trees are imported from Chinese nurseries where the branches have been painstakingly trained for years. Chinese Elms are durable and may be...

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The natural movement of this tree's trunk and branches capture the essence of bonsai, making Green Mound the most used juniper variety. The texture of the Green Mound Juniper's foliage and the ease of trimming make this outdoor bonsai a winner for...

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PIP WA1403A-AMZ Brahma Men's Large Glove Power Grab in orange features a thermal knit liner with a brushed interior. The liner provides protection from the cold while micro-finish latex protects hands. Patented micro finish increase grip while...

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Trident Maples rank as perennial favorites! Beautiful during every season, they produce vibrant green foliage in the spring and turn a bright orange in the fall. Their quick growth and attractive leaves make them among the most popular deciduous...

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Algreen combines the timeless esthetics of pottery with the enduring longevity of modern plastics. The Cascata complements any outdoor space with its elegant and functional design along with integrated planter. All Algreen rain barrels are...

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Gardeneer By Dalen's 16" tall, hand-painted Great Horned Owl helps repel birds and pests fron yards & gardens. The Great Horned Owl is one of Dalen's all-time best sellers. Life-like Great Horned Owl helps protect gardens, fruit, and vegetables...

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CPLPTK200D Features: -Taupe. -Made of plastic. -Water and weather resistant. -Portable. -Durable construction. Primary Material: -Plastic. Product Type: -Container. Winding: -Manual. Hose Capacity: -225 Feet. Hose Included: -Yes. Nozzle Holder:...

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Made of hefty-weight recycled HDPE plastics including milk jugs and detergent containers, Master Mark Plastics' Terrace Board Landscape Edging Coil is easy on the environment and reliably durable in the yard. Featuring a low-profile brown finish...

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GREAT IN TIGHT SPACES! Responding to the need for an easy-to-use electric mower for smaller lawns, Sun Joe developed the Mow Joe MJ401E. Compact and lightweight (only 29 lbs), the Mow Joe MJ401E is a lean, mean and green mowing machine that gets...

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