Roasted Brown Rice Coffee Alternative (Dark Roast, 24 cup)

This unique product uses only brown rice grown organically in Japan. The brown rice was roasted for several hours with TLC to create deep, soothing aroma. The fine powder mixes well with hot water–use boiling hot water to enjoy its amazing toasted aroma. (Please be careful of the hot temperature–do not sip till it cools down although the smell is so tempting!) The powder is 100% natural roasted brown rice and it doesn’t dissolve. Settlement occurs naturally. Simply add some water and stir again, and enjoy it to the last drop. Hot milk (of any kind) can be used instead of hot water and it is delicious too!

  • Naturally Caffeine free
  • Organically grown, No chemical, No preservatives
  • Supports Colon Health
  • Only 9 cal per cup with valuable trace minerals
  • Just mix 1 tsp. powder (2.5g) with hot 8 oz water

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