Match ‘N Patch Realistic Repair Tape, Brown-Black Wood

Conceal cables, repair peeling laminate, cover marked cabinets, repair pet damaged furniture, use on exposed pipes, cover fan blades/extenders, cover damaged flooring, use for crafts, d├ęcor, and much more! Match ‘N Patch tapes are designed for quick patches and cover ups of scratches and damaged laminate flooring and furniture. It’s a quick and easy solution for those times when purchasing new furniture or hiring contractors is not desired. Uses a transparent adhesive that helps hide the edges.

  • 15′ x 2.25″ roll of realistic looking brown-black wood repair tape. Also called an espresso stain wood pattern.
  • Works wonderfully for decor projects and crafts.
  • Perfect for covering scratches, peeling laminate, floorboards, or damaged cabinets.
  • Match ‘N Patch repair tapes are available in 8 wood patterns and 7 leather. Sold separately.
  • 2.25″ width is the same as many floorboards.

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