The Unhappy Medium: A Supernatural Comedy. Book 1

“Wow! Amazing read. What an imagination. The first page grabs you and doesn’t let go. Newton Barlow is an unforgettable character. Highly recommended.”

English TV scientist Newton Barlow has everything he could ask for – a glittering career in the lab and on television, a beautiful wife, and best of all, the opportunity to promote his rock-solid certainty that supernatural and religious beliefs are nothing but complete and utter hokum. But the ever-snarky Dr Barlow is about to take a tumble. Mired in scientific scandal, Barlow is cast out from the scientific establishment and ejected from the family home. Then, after three lost years, Barlow is approached by his old mentor and fellow skeptic Dr Sixsmith with an extraordinary proposition, an offer that Newton simply cannot refuse. There’s just one small problem:

Sixsmith is dead.

Thrown headlong into a world that frankly shouldn’t exist, Dr Newton Barlow is about to come up against the best and the worst of human nature: tooled-up vicars, paper-pushing ancient Greeks, sinister property developers, a saucy rubber nun and possibly the most mean-spirited man ever to have walked the earth (twice).

From the dusty plains of Spain to the leafy vicarages of Hampshire, Dr Barlow will have to contradict everything he ever believed in if he wants to save this world – and the next.
A rollicking supernatural adventure, packed to the ceiling with British humour, an unforgettable cast of purgatorial misfits and bumbling villains. The Unhappy Medium is a wild ride.

What readers have been saying about The Unhappy Medium:

‘All I can say is wow.’

‘A fascinating take on life and the afterlife… if you don’t care for droll British humour… you won’t understand why the rest of us are rolling on the floor.’

‘Check reality at the door, sit down and enjoy this offering by a new author. Humor and fantasy – what more could you ask?’

‘…hilariously clever with so many twists and turns, you just won’t be able to put it down. This is one of those ‘once a year’ treasures that’ll you’ll read and re-read constantly.’

‘…a seriously funny book … If you’re a fan of Douglas Adams, this is definitely a must-read.’

‘I loved this book! It has a lot in common with the works of Terry Pratchett – and that is high praise indeed. Contemporary people with flaws are put in extraordinary positions of danger and triumph. If you like humorous fantasy, this one’s for you.’

‘ What a delightful book! If you’ve ever wanted to take on pure evil in a tank, in company with a truly diverse bunch of commando theologians, this is your book.’

‘A very funny book, in the spirit of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens, or Christopher Moore. … a rollicking finish.’

‘Terry Pratchett readers, form an orderly queue!!’

‘What can I say? Thoroughly enjoyed this book, it’s brilliantly written, witty, full of subtle humour, with great heroes and villains.’

‘If you like well written, witty, humour then this is the book for you. If you like Terry Pratchett, then you will love this book.’

‘Different, Stunning, WOW!’

‘Definitely not your standard action-adventure book. And so very, very British. I’m hoping Newton, Gabbs and Viv will be returning. Oh, and Alex. I really like Alex.’

‘Laugh a lot, shake a lot – thoroughly enjoyable.’

‘I always wondered about Purgatory. Now I know!’

‘If you enjoy a tremendous, imaginative, story, told with passion and affection, and if you like laughing until your face aches, your stomach hurts, and your face is wet with tears, then you must buy this book. You will not regret it.’

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