Souvenirs: Solo Piano

From the album Souvenirs – Awarded Best Piano Album 2014 by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio! Copyright 2014 Key Image Music Publishing. Inspired by a new piano, creativity overflowed and the music for Souvenirs was constantly changing. Extravagant mementos or simple, sentimental keepsakes, souvenirs are only significant to the actual owner for the memories attached to it. Songs can be “musical Souvenirs” that take you back to a time or place, recalling memories and stirring emotions. Every album I create is a musical journey and the songs are Souvenirs … I hope the music takes you somewhere memorable! – Christine Brown Christine Brown is a KAWAI Artist. An award winning composer and pianist, Christine grew up in Colorado, discovering her love for the piano at an early age, taking piano lessons and accompanying school vocal groups. While studying business at the University of Colorado, she was inspired by new age pianists George Winston and Peter Kater, yet the piano remained only an enjoyable hobby. Years later, Christine rediscovered her passion for playing, immersing herself in her music after the loss of her mother in 1990. She began composing, using the piano to voice her emotions, releasing heartfelt compositions that captured listeners. . Her music can be heard on Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, Muzak, SkyFM, cable and satellite channels, and is internationally distributed.

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