Heavy Duty Brown Packaging Tape, 6 Rolls, 48MM x 66M

You Won’t Ever Again Want to Use Any Other Packing Tape for Moving
? Our team here at PAK-IT is committed to providing the finest quality packaging essentials.
? We carry our bestselling boxing tape in value packs that each include 6 packing tape rolls.
? As with most of our other office supplies, these heavy duty packing tape kits ship FREE!

Why Choose Brown Packaging Tape by PAK-IT? Here are a few reasons:
? Other brands of brown box tape don’t even come close to comparison.
? This brown shipping tape is developed with the strength of 50 microns!
? Unlike other types of packaging tape, ours does not rip, fray or unravel.
? There is no other choice if you want brown shipping tape the is STRONG.
? Our brown tape for packaging also doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue.

Suggested Uses For PAK-IT Commercial Grade Packing Tape:
• Use strips of the brown packing tape to close up boxes when moving.
• Use the packing tape for boxes when organizing your home or office.
• Use the brown parcel tape to secure your packages before shipping them.
• Use the packing tape refills to replenish your depleted supply at work.
• Use the box tape to adhere posters, flyers or signs to any smooth surface.
• Use the shipping tape to label all of your boxes of files, documents, etc.

Could you use a couple of these packaging tape rolls around the home, the classroom, the mailroom or the office?
If so, you can’t get much better than PAK-IT brown tape for boxes.

Our brown packaging tape is impressively sturdy, it’s incredibly easy to cut, it’s conveniently fray-resistant and it’s 100% mess-free.

Make the smart move when it comes to packing, storing and labeling boxes.

  • BEST QUALITY: Engineered with the power of 50 microns, our premium brown box tape is impressively strong yet incredibly easy to cut! The shipping tape is also extremely adhesive, so it provides a super firm hold.
  • WIDE COVERAGE: Measuring 48mm wide by 66M long, these rolls of shipping tape reliably last and last. They’re also wide enough and strong enough to ensure boxes and packages are secure.
  • TAN COLOR: The medium tan color of the packaging tape makes it the perfect choice to use when packing parcels, moving and labeling boxes for organizational purposes.
  • SIX TAPE ROLLS: Each value pack includes 6 rolls of the most dependable brown packaging tape around. Keep a pack of boxing tape around the office and keep one at home to make moving, packing and labeling a breeze.
  • SUGGESTED USES: Use these extra long, extra wide packing tape rolls to secure boxes before moving, use them to pack away out-of-season clothing and holiday decorations or use them for all of your parcel shipping needs.

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