G30 Patio String Lights with 25 Globe Bulbs – Garden Hanging String Lights – Vintage Backyard Patio Lights – Outdoor String Lights – Market Cafe Bistro String Lights – Brown Wire -25 Feet

G30 Outdoor Globe String Light Set With 25 Globe Bulbs – Brown Wire – 25 Feet

G30 Globe String Lights With 25 Globe Bulbs By Novelty Lights – Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Use – Vintage Backyard Patio Lights – Outdoor String Lights – Globe Wedding Light String – Brown Wire – 25 Foot.  Our G30 globe string light set with 25 bulbs is perfect for outdoor patios, decks, special event or Christmas lighting.  Our G30 bulb is a C7/E12 candelabra base and comes with a C7/E12 candelabra string.  Each set includes 25 globe shaped bulbs on a SPT-1 wire stringer with 25 sockets that are spaced 12″ apart on Brown Wire.  It is always a good idea to have extra bulbs on hand so please consider purchasing a replacement box of bulbs to be used as extras or replacements (ASIN B004PKIA4O).  These G30 light strings have long lasting 3,000 hour bulbs and are on a 20 gauge Brown wire.  All our G30 light strings use patented Admiral Brand sockets. These durable and heavy duty light strings will provide you with years of maintenance free use.  Here are some quick keynote product features;

  • 25 Long Life 3,000 Hour Round Bulbs
  • 25 G30/E12 Candelabra Base Sockets
  • 12″ Spacing Between Sockets, 25′ Long Stringer
  • Each G30 Bulb is 5 Watts 130 Volt
  • For Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Nickel Coated E-12 Base Bulbs  
  • 20 Gauge Heavy Duty SPT-1 Wire
  • 5-Amp Fused Plug
  • Connect 3 End to End

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority and if you have any issues at all please let us know and we would be more than happy to assist.


  • Novelty Lights, Inc. is proud to present our G30 globe string lights with round globe bulbs to all indoor and outdoor lighting enthusiasts! Use these ambient string lights for in your bar, restaurant, patio, beer garden, wedding, or any application that could use some decoration lighting. Our quality and value is second to none in the industry and you can trust Novelty Lights for your outdoor decoration needs!
  • We designed these string lights to be reminiscent of a picturesque scene of a ristorante in Italy or a good ol’ fashioned summer night in anyone of America’s great neighborhood patio’s. Each string is made for residential and commercial use and gives a vintage backyard patio a touch of charm. Feel free and relax with Novelty Lights!
  • Each light globe string light set is 25 feet long with 12″ spacing between 25 sockets to provide a perfect amount of ambiance while providing great value. This string is not only perfect for outdoor patio’s with many of our loyal customer using them for their globe wedding string light set. The set comes with 25 bulbs and it is highly recommeded that an extra box of bulbs be purchased separately (ASIN B004PKIA4O).
  • Our G30 bulb is a 5 watt candelabra C7/E12 base light bulb and measures 1 1/8″ wide by 1 7/8″ tall. The actual size is a touch smaller than a ping pong ball but still gives enough ambient light because it is 5 watts. This G30 bulb will create a free flow of ambiance with a touch of elegance for any application.
  • Installation Tips: Always mount the string first before screwing in the light bulbs. We recommend using “aircraft wire” to use as support cable for a professional look and if you choose not to use a support wire then you can mount the string at various pivot points depending on your application. Always make sure to screw in each light bulb squarely to ensure that no water can make its way into the socket and also to have no shorts of the fuse inside the male plug.

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