Computer Video Gaming Vision protection Glasses – Patented – 100%UV400 and Blue Light Blocking Anti Glare Eye Strain Amber Melanin Sleep Glasses Metal Frame Purple

1.Function of Melanin Lenses?Relieving Eye Fatigue Quickly Slowing the Progression of Myopia Shielding Electromagnetic Radiation Filtering Harmful Light Shielding phone electromagnetic

2.optical contribution awards: CindyLaura computer glasses adopted the patented technology from Dr. James Gallas, Professor of physics at the University of Texas and are developed by Photoprotective Technologies Inc(PPT). The glasses are able to filter 100% of the UV light and are able to filter other harmful light including blue light, glare, diffused light and high intensity light to a safe level.
CindyLaura glasses are necessary and essential for electronic devices users, they can protect your eyes and even improve your sleeping.

3.What is Melanoma? Melanin is a dark brown pigment which exists in animal skin or hair, produced by special cells called melanocytes and store in them. It is due to the presence of melanin, the skin color only. Once the black pigment for some reason cannot form, also cause the lost of the pigmentation, thereby forming a white spot.
Melanin is a human life is one of the functions of internal secretion, not just to protect the skin, hair, skin, decided eye color, but it across the front of the iris and retinal eye behind the strong sunlight penetration, filtration, and protective eye vision function. The inner wall of the black pigment around eyes, the en – able as the camera inside the black box, absorption of light (especially blue) repeated a, ejection, because can reduce glare, contrast enhancement, increased visual effect.the melanin lenses can filter harmful rays to safe levels

4.Superior melanoma lens technology Effectiveness Melanin lenses Filter layer: More than 50% harmful blue light filterFilter layer: Prevent 100% UV light Prevent harmful light, , Anti-Ultra-light relieve visual fatigue quickly slow down the degree of eye deepen

  • ??NOTE?:?DESIGNED FOR COMPUTER USERS! SO FAR THE BEST EFFECT Of COMPUTER GLASSES!! R&D By TEXAS PHOTOPROTECTIVE TECHNOLOGIES INC(PPT)? U.S. PATENT Melanin Reading Computer Glasses, lenses are made with under the EXCLUSIVE license agreement of the US patent protection technology under the melanin technology and guarantee your satisfaction on the product (FDA Register) Metal Frames are Flexible and Durable
  • ?U.S. PATENT 5112883: Melanin Glasses: Shielding Electromagnetic Radiation,Prevent Eye Strain Soreness Dryness Redness Black Eye Blocking Headaches and Improve Better Sleep of Advanced Glasses
  • ?U.S. PATENT 6825975: Blue Light Blocking Shield Glasses Anti Blue Light Glare High Intensity Light and 100% UV Filter the Harmful Light from Computer/TV/Tablet/ Mobile Phone/LED,Minimize Screen Radiation
  • ?U.S. PATENT 7029758: Anti Reflective Glasses Melanin Infused Lense the is Ultrathin Explosion proof and Scratch-proof with Soft Light and Real Clear Colorful Vision Computers Lens, not’s Cheap Coating Film Yellow Lenses
  • ?U.S. OPTICAL CONTRIBUTION AWARDS U.S PATENT TRUSTWORTHY! PATENTED MELANIN LENSES FOR ULTIMATE SAFETY, Vision Care Glasses It is the Best Choice for Computer Readers,Video Game Players,Tablet and Mobile Users.They can Protect Your Eyes Protect From Harmful Computer Radiation ?by CindyLaura Exclusive sales in Amazon??Patent Search Website:

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