RK ROYAL KLUDGE PRO104 Full Anti-ghosting Customizable RGB Lighting Effects Programmable Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches for PC & Mac Gamers – Black

Ergonomic design anti-ghosting with wrist rest.
Durable smooth-touch keycaps with amazing handle, great typing and gaming feedback.
Customizable and adjustable backlight and brightness.
Four extra multimedia keys.

Mode Guidance

Adjustable Multiple RGB Backlight Modes
• 4 unique Interactive RGB Backlight Mode: FN + Insert
• 7 Colors Breathing Mode: FN + Home;
• Always Backlit on Mode: FN + Page Up;
• Side Backlight Mode: FN + Page Down;
• Scanning Backlight from Left to Right Mode: FN + End.

Backlight Brightness & Speed Adjustment
Press FN + ?/? to adjust the speed of backlight;
Press FN + ?/? to adjust the brightness of backlight

Customizable & Programmable Macro Keys Backlight
Custom settings: Press FN + 1!/2@/3# ? FN + F11 (Backlit of F11 flashes) to start to custom backlight of keys. Then press FN + F11 to end the setting. Press FN + 1!/2@/3# the backlit of the keys you set are lit up.
Macro management: Press FN + F12 to light up the backlight of Y, U, I, O, P. Then press “FN + Y/U/I/O/P” to enter the macro management. Press FN + F12 to end the setting.

Unique Side RGB Backlight
The Side RGB Backlit function can be controlled independently by pressing Fn+Print/ Fn+Scroll; it will display 7 colors breathing in circle while power on.

Size: 457mm x 202mm x 41mm
Cord Length: 1.8 m/70.87 inches
Multimedia keys: 6
Key Switch: Blue switch
Operating Force: 50~60g
Travel(Total): 4.0 mm
Net Weight: 1200g
N-key-rollover: Support
Operating Current: 150mA
Operating Voltage: 5V
Compatibility: Windows Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10/Mac OS
Win key deactivation: Fn + Win

Package Content:
1 x RK Pro104 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
1 x User Manual

  • ? 104 KEYS ANTI-GHOSTING: Full 104 anti-ghosting keys design, allows multiple keys to work simultaneously. Let you enjoy high-grade games with fast response.
  • ? ERGONOMIC DESIGN: RK PRO104 provides an one-piece wrist rest in proper angle and an adjustable keyboard stand, these proper ergonomic designs will make you feel comfortable when using it.
  • ? AMAZING HANDLE: For RK PRO104, the design of every keycap tries its best to fit your fingertips, resulting in the sense of very smoothly touch. Besides, post forming technology with ABS material also makes the keycaps very durable. With the most common clicky blue switch, it gives you a tactile bump as well as an audible click, which leads to a greater typing and gaming feedback.
  • ? CUSTOMIZABLE BACKLIGHT OF EVERY KEY: 16.8 million kinds of color available for you to customize. You can just choose a special color for every single key. Under the backdrop of the dark night, with RGB personalized breathing lights design, RK PRO104 will be extremely eye-catching and bring you more visual pleasure!
  • ? EASY-TO-REACH MULTIMEDIA KEYS: Pressing “FN + F1~F6” to achieve multimedia function controls for entertainment; Pressing FN+ Win key to prevents accidental pop up while gaming. Besides, it is also equipped with 4 indicator lights for WIN Lock, Screenshots, Caps Lock and Number Lock to help to recognize the status they are in.

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